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The GP3 Series, or GP3 for short, is a single seater motor racing series launched in 2010 as a feeder series for the GP2 Series, introduced by GP2 organiser Bruno Michel.

GP3 follows the entire European leg of the Formula One series and the GP2 series as a support race for the two. In 2012, the series visited the Monaco street circuit after 2 years of attempts, as they were always unable to beforehand due to lack of room. Like the GP2 series, GP3 gives drivers the experience of the Grand Prix environment, and takes advantage of the infrastructure, such as marshals and medical facilities, in place for the Formula One events.

Many drivers have since stepped up to GP2 since the series began, with the 2010 champion Esteban Gutiérrez, Pål Varhaug and ninth place finisher Stefano Coletti being the first to do so for the 2011 season. 2011 champion Valtteri Bottas did not follow suit however, and instead joined Williams F1 as a reserve driver. Meanwhile James Calado, Rio Haryanto, Simon Trummer, Tom Dillmann and Nigel Melker all joined GP2 for the 2012. Other drivers who have graduated to other series are James Jakes who moved to the IndyCar Series for 2011, Josef Newgarden to the Indy Lights series in 2011 and Alexander Rossi and Robert Wickens who moved to the Formula Renault 3.5 Series in 2011 and Lewis Williamson in 2012. So far, the only driver to have competed in GP3 and then eventually Formula One is Jean-Éric Vergne, although Gutierrez and Bottas will both make their F1 race-seat debut in 2013, driving for Sauber and Williams respectively. Daniil Kvyat graduated to Formula One in 2014, after winning the title in 2013.

It was initially thought that the GP3 series would merge with the International Formula Master series. However, GP3 actually used an all-new Dallara chassis combined with a Renault engine.


Season Champion Second Third Team Champion
2010 Mexico Esteban Gutiérrez (ART Grand Prix) Canada Robert Wickens (Status Grand Prix) Switzerland Nico Müller (Jenzer Motorsport) France ART Grand Prix
2011 Finland Valtteri Bottas (Lotus ART) United Kingdom James Calado (Lotus ART) Netherlands Nigel Melker (RSC Mücke Motorsport) France Lotus ART
2012 New Zealand Mitch Evans (MW Arden) Germany Daniel Abt (Lotus GP) Portugal António Félix da Costa (Carlin) France Lotus GP
2013 Russia Daniil Kvyat (MW Arden) Argentina Facu Regalia (ART Grand Prix) United States Conor Daly (ART Grand Prix) France ART Grand Prix
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